Leather goods made by hands

  Firstly, why Wolf Mountains Leather. I am living and working in the most eastern part of Slovakia, small country in the middle of Europe. These parts were called Wolf Mountains in Middle Ages due to high population of Wolves. As of today wolves population in here is on the rise, so name Wolf Mountains is more than fitting again. 
  I´ve always liked everything cowboy and western related. When I came first time into contact with western horse saddle and all the horsey gear I was hooked. I liked all the swirls and flowers that were tooled into piece of riding gear. I never knew that something like that was possible to tool into leather. I gave it a try and started to learn how to build and tool leather goods. I had to learn everything by myself mostly from the internet. Today I consider myself a leatherworker and I am confident when making leather products. I am taking pride in what I do and I am always trying to achieve best quality possible.
  I do ship worldwide with tracking and always communicate with my customers. I do accept custom orders. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask me. I will answer everyone.

Thank you most kindly for visiting my shop.

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